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Account Help

Account Help

Logging In or Setting Up Your Account
To begin, click on the "Your Account" icon located at the top right of every page. This will lead you to the "Sign-In" page. If you already have an account, proceed with the steps under "Already have an account?".
For those new here, choose the "Create an Account" option in the "Need to create an account?" section.

Overview of Your Account
Your "Account Summary Page" is the central hub for all things related to your account. Safeguarded by your password, it lets you oversee and update all your account details. This encompasses Sign-in credentials, Addresses (Billing & Shipping), Payment details, Recent Purchases, and other account controls.

Maintaining Password Security
Your password ensures the confidentiality of your account details. Opt for a mix of at least 6 alphabets and numbers. Choose something memorable but don't disclose it. If your password slips your mind, click here to receive a reset link in your registered email. Once logged in, resetting your password is advisable. For this, your current password is required.

Managing Billing, Contact, and Shipping Details
Setting up "Your Account" lets you input multiple Billing and Shipping Addresses. This streamlines your ordering process and ensures prompt communication regarding your orders. Rest assured, the Living Direct network respects your privacy and won't share this data without consent.

Email Updates
Stay in the loop with the Living Direct Network's complimentary e-newsletter. It brings you updates on exclusive deals, new features, and more. Use "Your Account" to manage these preferences. Your email privacy is paramount to us, and we commit to not sharing it.

The 'Remember Me' Feature
Ticking the "Remember Me" box in "Your Account" ensures our site recognizes you during subsequent visits from the same device. This means faster checkouts as you'll already be logged in. For this feature, ensure cookies are enabled on your device.

Prioritizing Your Privacy and Safety
Your password and personal details (billing, contact, and shipping) remain private and secure with us. While the Living Direct Network values transparency, your information is only shared with your explicit permission. The "Remember Me" feature does display your Cart contents upon return visits. Yet, other account details need password authentication for access.